A few Tips for Living Frugally

A Few Frugal Tips:

1.Eat out less -
It is fun to eat out, but regular visits to restaurants add up and drain the bank account.
Meal plan, whether it be a couple weeks in advance, using flyers to plan your meals, or plan the month. Make sure to add one meal out every once in awhile so you can enjoy not having to cook and do dishes.
Groupon/Couvon etc: We have bought a few of these and find them to be a great way for to have a meal out with a large percent off the normal price . It’s allowed us to try new restaurants and also visit ones we already know and enjoy.

2. Entertainment (Books, TV, Movies)
I have a hard time understanding why cable/phone/internet is so expensive! We broke down and decide a home phone was necessary with little to no cell reception in our house. Internet is a given with Adam’s work, and for us to have our blog! I however, refuse to pay for channels and shows we won’t ever watch.
Thankfully, Adam is a smartie pants when it comes to torrent files. ( for downloading music, movies and tv shows) Downloading these files makes it so we can watch the shows we actually enjoy watching, for free, and no commercials!
The library is a great resource for reading materials, movies and games for gaming consoles. All it takes is a library card, and a good memory to take them back on time to avoid any late fees.

3. Coupons -
Coupons are great if you can find the right ones. Meaning…. for things you actually buy! There are still a few stores out there that allow you to “stack” coupons. Meaning you can use more than one coupon on an item. Be careful using them though, as stores are always changing their policys. A trip to the store may require some planning and clarification to make sure you get the deals you are searching for. Look for our blog post about couponing in the near future.

4. Group Errands-
Adam is big into this one! With gas prices more often climbing higher than becoming lower, make a list of errands that you need to accomplish. Set out a time and get them all done in one trip. Your gas tank will thank you, so will your wallet! If possible consider walking, or hoping on a bike or bus to get your errands done too.

5. Flip a switch-
If you don’t need a light on, turn it off! Turn off your computer if you are not using it, un-plug appliances you don’t use regularily. It all makes a difference on your electricty bill.Use a timer to shut off appliances – Even when they are plugged in and not in use, they still consume electricity.
In the summer hang your washed clothes out in the sun! Whether you have room for a clothesline, or a smaller stand up clothes rack. I have loved using my clothesline all summer!

6. Wash in Cold-
Cold water will still clean your clothes, all it takes is a switch of a control on your washer. Your clothes still come out clean and you have just saved your hot water tank cranking out hot water which it uses electricty to heat.
7. Green Growing-
Learn about growing some fresh produce. There are many different options, depending on your space. Container gardens can supply a few fresh veggies for meals. Things like salad greens, chard, tomatoes, and snap peas are just a few that would happily grow in a small space. If you have a large garden you have the ability to try a variety of plants. I guarantee you will love picking your own produce and incorporating them into your meals.

8. Rain Barrels-
Collect rain water to water your garden. Find yourself a cheap or free 55 gallon plastic barrel and convert it into a water collector. Living in Victoria, BC , we recieve a lot of rain and it doesn’t take long to gather a decent amount to water your garden for free. Adam will be posting his rain barrell how-to, for those of you that are interested in trying this idea out.

9. Buy Used (or even free)-
We are all for buying used, especially when it comes to a few things.
Clothes: At the rate in which the kids have mastered growing, clothes don’t last very long! Having two boys means Cole gets to strut around in Ben’s old threads. I find myself cruising the used sites for clothing that will fit Ben now, or in the near future. With the handful of times kids wear clothes before they grow out of articles of clothing, you find things at great prices and in great condition.
Toys: The boys and I check out the thrift shops for new fun things, crafts, games and new toys at far cheaper prices. We have found some great things too, it is always a gamble as you never know what you might find but worth the effort if you are near by.
Free: We (like many others) have lucked out on a few free things lately. Kids clothes, soil, play structures, and our lovely amazing dog Koda are just a few things we have picked up over the last few months.

These are just a few ways that we live Frugally. I hope it inspires you to give at least 1 of my suggestions a try! icon smile A few Tips for Living Frugally

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