Apples and Apple Juice

We love apple season. We love apples. We really wanted to make our own apple juice this year! Each year we have access to an orchard of about 10 trees. The last few years with the craziness of young children, we haven’t picked them to their potential. A lot went to waste. Not this year!

photo 8 300x224 Apples and Apple Juice

On Saturday we picked up 8 wine boxes from the liquor store and headed over to our neighbors to harvest what we could. There wasn’t a huge crop this year but we managed to strip most of the trees and get the boxes filled. We figured around 100 lbs of apples. Wrong! After putting them on the scales, it added up to nearly 200 lbs!

The goal was to juice the good apples. Then use the wind falls, bruised and apples that had been attacked by bugs for stocking the freezer for things such as pies, crumble and applesauce.

There is a local farm – Phil’s Farm - (Have I mentioned before to support your local farmers? If not, support your local farmers!!!) – Phil’s farm does custom juicing. This means they handle the juicing, pasteurizing, and bottling.

How much would you pay for local, organic (non sprayed), freshly juiced apple juice? Well when you add it all up, it still works out to be less than $1.00 per Liter. We ended up with 36 liters of delicious juice.

photo 9 e1349847938116 224x300 Apples and Apple Juice            photo 10 224x300 Apples and Apple Juice

Here are a few tips to make it even cheaper:

  • We stockpiled and sterilized milk jugs and their lids instead of paying extra for containers
  • Don’t be too picky when it comes to picking the apples, they get washed and then pasteurized
  • I plan to build my own juicer next year (lots of plans on the internet on how to make them)

We are going to freeze the jugs to make them last until next year. I’ll be sacrificing one jug to make some homemade apple cider (check back for recipe and how-to). We will also be looking forward to hot apple cider over the coming winter.

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