Compost Tea

In order to make our fruit and vegetables grow without using chemical fertilizers like miracle grow (the miracle being that they still sell this $%&* at stores considering how bad it is for you), we use compost tea to fertilize our garden.

Compost tea is made by sinking compostable items like grass and nettles into water and letting it develop nutrients and bacteria that helps flowers, fruit, and veg thrive.

In our Garden, I was able to score a free metal barrel that I cut the top out of, filled it up with water and then dumped some grass clippings in and mixed it all up. After about 3 weeks, its ready to go. If I was to do it again, I would advise putting the grass clippings into a burlap sack and then dipping that into the barrel because now its a little tedious to get the liquid out. It’s the equivelant of trying to pour tea that’s in a tea bag versus loose tea…hence the name… icon smile Compost Tea

I’ve read too that it is good to mix it regularly. The more oxygen you put into it, the better it is¬†apparently. So usually when i’m watering the garden i’ll spray on full blast the hose into the barrel to mix it up and get some oxygen into it.

I have to warn you, it smells pretty funky though! I use a bucket to get it out so I can pour into a watering can and then dilute is 50/50 with water from the hose. I usually get it on my hands and smell ‘earthy’ for the following day or so.

Compost tea is a cheap, frugal and awesome way to make use of your lawn clippings and feed your plants with a nutritious and non-toxic fertilizer.

photo 5 e1345341818608 224x300 Compost Tea

Compost tea by our compost bins

photo 4 300x224 Compost Tea

It smells as awesome as it looks!

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