Date night

It was a great night that Cait and I got to spend together. My work paid for everyone to play a round of golf and bring an extra person for dinner. Have I mentioned I work for the best company in the world – RevenueWire. We don’t often get to go out together for long so it was great to be able to enjoy each others company – thank you nana and grandpa for looking after the boys!

Naturally after dinner we did what any normal couple would do…blackberry picking. (thats what normal couples do…right???) Yes, it’s that time of year already, they seem early to me but the berries are huge right now. We had one of the kids sand buckets full of berries plus any other containers we could find.

In the end we made out with a few pounds of blackberries – more than enough to start a batch of jam and store some in the freezer for crumbles and other desserts (check back here for those recipes btw).

All in all a great night at no cost to us. I would definitely like to get out and practice my golf swing more though.

20120809 2316401 Date night

This is one of many trays getting frozen tonight to be made into jam or desserts.

20120809 231802 Date night

I couldn’t help myself. icon smile Date night

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