Fall crops = frugal dinners

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Well it’s been a while now since we have posted. Fall has seemed to sneak up on us pretty quickly here. We were blessed with a longer summer then a switch flipped and bam there’s autumn in all its cold and rainy glory.

Our good friends know one of the local farmers well and as a result we got to hit up the pumpkin patch and also raid their beets and butternut squash. This year we decided to buy a storage bin for veggies to store out on the deck. The squash and beets are lasting well but we wanted to use the beets for borscht.

20121031 222553 Fall crops = frugal dinners20121031 231437 Fall crops = frugal dinners

(Our free pumpkins and squash frown locally – note the rude shaped squash there icon razz Fall crops = frugal dinners )

Cait whipped up an epic batch of borscht. I have to be honest I was not sure about it as I’ve never tried it. With a dollop of sour cream and a home baked bun and it made for an awesome dinner with enough to freeze for future meals.

20121031 231412 Fall crops = frugal dinners

(Delicious! – Check back soon for the recipe.)

Today is Halloween and don’t worry – We did Halloween frugally too! Cait made Ben’s costume – A race car out – of a diaper box and his outfit was purchased used. Cole was a monkey (well, he’s a monkey all year round…) but we picked up his cute outfit used too.

20121031 232446 Fall crops = frugal dinners

(Ben and Cole both made out with huge hauls of candy to last them a while!)

We hope everyone had a safe and fun (and frugal) Halloween.

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