Gone Fishin’

Today was going to be a home day, hanging out in the yard and enjoying the pool. However after an invite to tag along to Sidney Spit on our friends boat, those plans went out the window and we packed the kids and dog up and headed for the boat ramp.

We launched from Tulista Park in Sidney. The boat ride takes about 10 minutes, then you arrive on a beautiful white sandy beach.
We set up our spot for the day, umbrellas, sun shade, blankets and beach toys. The kids instantly are in heaven. Nothing beats watching the kids play in the sand and splash in the clear ocean water.  Once set up we cracked open a couple of our homemade bevvies and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings.

After lunch the guys decided to head out and try their luck at salmon fishing. The 3 Mamas were left with the babies and the men headed out towards James Island with the 3 toddlers reluctantly wearing life jackets, but excited for a boat ride and the possibility of catching a fish. A few hours later they arrived back with big smiles on their faces. They ended up catching 5 salmon, the big one got away the all announced. Big or not they were beautiful fish, and we were all pretty excited about the catch! We were unsuccessful at a photo op with the 3 toddlers holding their fish but they were all smiles after their adventure.

Darren was kind enough to pass 2 of the fish our way. It made dinner very easy! Adam cut up some steaks and I through together a salad from the garden. The rest of the fish has been thrown in the freezer, except for a few steaks we have saved for tomorrow’s bbq at the beach with friends. Adam marinated it in soy sauce, liquid smoke, brown sugar and worcestershire¬†sauce. A few minutes on the grill and we sat down to enjoy some seriously fresh fish!

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