Our latest family addition is just over 100lbs, loves to cuddle and is wonderful with the kids!
Meet Koda! He is a 4 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, that we adopted.
DSC09901 200x300 KODA

I have wanted a ridgy for many years, after working in the kennel after high school, I learnt which dog breeds I liked, and which breeds I disliked. There were a few Ridgebacks that stayed in the kennel, their calm, kind and laid back personalitys made it easy for me to fall in love. At one point I contacted the breeder in Ladysmith to find out some details involved in being put on the list for a pup. We were shocked at the $1500 price tag. That was a good reason to put the idea of dog ownership on the back burner for a few years.

However a month ago, Adam stumbled upon a ad online. A family was reluctantly having to find Koda a new home. We chatted with Koda’s owner late one night, discussing our lifestyle and love for the breed. He said he wanted to meet us and see how Koda responded to us. It seemed like a crazy idea to be pursuing a dog with all the responsibilites we already have, but it’s been one of the best decisions we have made!

We ended up packing the kids up and going to Koda for an introduction. It was love at first sight! We were greeted by a handsome 100+lb dog, full of energy and personality. We spent sometime with him and his owners and then decided to take him home for a few hours to see how he was with the chickens and the kids. We spent 4 hours with Koda at home, it was amazing how well he fit in. We decided that if his current owners approved of us, we would gladly adopt Koda and welcome him to the family. After dropping him off that night, his owners said they were going to discuss as a family if they had any concerns about us taking him. We didn’t even get 5 minutes away from their house before Adam’s phone rang. Rob, Koda’s owner told Adam they couldn’t be happier to have
found us.

It’s now been a month since we have had Koda. In his short time here, he has been camping with us, gone to Sidney Spit on a friends boat, and most importantly he has fit into our family better than we ever would have thought. Adopting him has been a wonderful experience for us, we are thankfully our paths crossed and can’t wait for many more family adventures together.

If you are looking for an animal, please consider adoption, their are many options out there. In many cases the animals are a few years old and first vaccinations, spaying/neutering have been done. It makes it more affordable and more importantly helps save and provide an animal with a new loving home!

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