Mint and Fennel

We picked up some mint and fennel from a very nice lady whose garden was overgrown with it. Too bad I broke 2 of her shovels digging out some of the stubborn fennel. She also had some pear saplings I was going to grab but she didn’t have any shovels left after I broken them both. I’ll have to go by there soon with a replacement shovel and grab those saplings.

A word of warning about mint. Always plant it in a controlled area or a container. It will spread and grow as far as it can. We have a 4×8 raised bed dedicated to herbs and the mint and fennel will be a great addition.

We grew mint last year and harvested it to dry and make tea. It was delicious. Hopefully with the new stuff we planted today and the mint we already have, we should have plenty this year!

The fennel plants we dug out were full of seeds still. We clipped off the bunches of seeds and picked them off by hand into a bowl. A tedious and time consuming task that would have been much easier if we had a paper bag to shake them off into. I’d heard that fennel seed tea tasted really good so out of curiosity I put a pinch of seeds in a tea ball and steeped them in water for a while. Considering that they were pretty old seeds, the tea still tasted pretty awesome! I’m definitely going to be adding fennel seeds to my tea more often.

Fennel has a flavour that’s much like liquorice or anise. It is known to aid in digestion and help if you suffer from gas or stomach cramps after eating. Have you ever been to an East Indian restaurant and wondered what those seeds are that are offered to you after your meal? Yep, you guessed it, they are fennel seeds.

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